Gary Pennington owner of Tane Furniture

I’m extremely pleased to announce that my business Tane Furniture Design has been successful in receiving a small business grant from the City of Melbourne. The money will go a long way to moving me into more suitable surroundings but aside from monetary benefits the fact that a major investors believe in me, my company and vision is absolutely fantastic.



The news has given me a real shot in the arm, I think when you are in small business you can have days were you doubt what you are doing is right. You don’t have the same support structure or networks you might have when you work for a larger organisation. So to get some help and have someone say, we believe in you and think what you are doing is good and we want you to keep doing it is just brilliant.

The guys from the city of Melbourne have even produced a little promotional clip about me and my furniture design business; have a look see what you think…


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