Antique vintage timber filling cabinet

It was a regular Monday morning when these beautiful but slightly weather worn filling cabinets arrived in our Williamstown workshop. The timber cabinets had been used by our clients father as tool storage in his workshop, I loved them immediately and could see their potential with a bit of love.

antique filing cabinet mid restoration

We set to work on the antique cabinets, the tallest of them required the most repair work. New plywood back, and lower sections, it also needed a clean, oil and wax. The two smaller antique units required a lot of cleaning, a re-oil and wax, but we could see with a bit of work and a lot of love these beautiful pieces could have a new life in a new domestic setting.

Damage onto of the vintage antique timber cabinet

The tops of the smaller antique units required the most work with a build up of various rings produced from a variety of solutions would prove hard to completely remove by hand without removing any of the history. Our client was keen to keep the units as original as possible as they had belonged to his father who had recently passed. We take great care to be as sympathetic to all the furniture we restore.

Antique cabinet beforeAntique filling cabinet before restoration.

Antique filling cabinet after restorationAntique filling cabinet after restoration.

With a lot of rubbing these beautiful little cabinets started to respond to the oil mix we applied by hand. After a number of coats the true beauty of the antique timber fronts started to show through. We also started to build a new back for the larger of the units and repair some other parts of the damaged splintered timber. We weren’t really prepared for what we found next. We cleaned away years of grime from the oak fronts of the timber cabinets, and pow check out this beauty…

Mark stowey long unit

So there we have it folks another successful resto from the Tane team, for more information or if you have a project we could help with just give us a shout!

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