Alfred Hitchcock

I heard something on the weekend that made me stop and think about everything I do not only personally but professionally. The question seems simple..”What is your definition of happiness?” The answer much more complicated.

I set about trying to answer the question for myself and struggled to find the right words. I did not want the answer to be just a list of material things but go deeper find out when is it that I am actually happy? And in this fast paced ‘technological’ world we are living in do we take time to recognise these moments no matter how small or fleeting they may be?
I’m still working on my answer but while you contemplate your definition, listen to the words from Mr Alfred Hitchcock. When asked in a live interview “Mr Hitchcock, what is your definition of happiness?” He replied with this masterpiece…

“A clear horizon.
Nothing to worry about (on your plate)
Only things that are creative,
And not destructive.
Within yourself, within me I can’t bear quarrelling
I can’t bear feelings between people.
I think hatred is wasted energy,
And it’s all none productive.
I’m very sensitive, a sharp word said by say a person who has a temper
Or if they are close to me,
hurts me for days.
I know we are only human,
We do go in for these various emotions,
Call them negative emotions
But when all these are removed
And you can look forward
And the road is clear ahead
And now you are going to create something.
I think that is as happy as I will ever want to be.”

Alfred Hitchcock



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