Miro stool by Tane Furniture

I am coming up to quite a milestone in my business career. Five years ago I established Tane as a design brand, specialising in the sustainable design of furniture. In this time the name has changed about ten times, the focus of the business about twenty times and the plan somewhere around thirty times. I have exhibited my work in Melbourne, London and Milan. I have driven tourists on buses to the Yarra Valley wine region, restored many many many beautiful pieces of furniture and many many many ugly pieces of furniture.

JIve single seat armchair exhibited at the Milan 2013 exhibition

I have fitted out a cafe’s, the entrance hall of a manufacturing plant, designed a bench range for a company producing recycled plastic timber, a range of side tables for  a company previously mainly importing goods. Designed and produced five thousand bamboo wine trays by hand, produced furniture for pop up bars at the MCG for grand final day, Flemington Race course for the Melbourne Cup. I have maxed out a credit card and financially hit rock bottom, needing to run to work as I couldn’t afford the petrol for my trusty Kombi van ‘Billy’, which to be honest wasn’t a bad thing for either of us.

Tane Furniture at the Wolf Blass pop up bar MCG


Sometimes I have wished as though my bed could swallow me up when the alarm clock has gone of, sometimes I have lept out of bed without the need of the alarm clock! Most of the time I land somewhere in between those two feelings. But I have never once regretted the decision I took five years ago to leave the world of being an employee to become my own boss.

After nearly fifteen years as an employee picking up a wage in many varied roles, all within the design industry I took the inevitable plunge. I had known for a long long time this was where I was heading, so really it can down to a feeling that the time was right to make the leap of faith. I would encourage anyone in a similar position to where I was approximately five years ago to do the same, take the leap and start your own journey!

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