Repaired veneer bed head modern furniture

Bed Head Repair

We were recently contacted by a client who had some modern furniture damaged whilst moving home. At this point we would like to thank (some of) the furniture removal companies¬†in Melbourne for keeping us in business! Anyway I digress… Hana’s bed head, had been badly gauged and the top layer veneer had been damaged in two areas. We set about fixing this up… Here is what we were dealing with.

Modern furniture bedhead with damage to veneer


Stage 2 – Bog and sand

As you can see from the close up below; the removalists’¬†made a really good job of damaging Hana’s bed head, but not to worry the piece of furniture was not beyond repair. We started the repair by applying a thin layer of builders bog into the gauge to level out the area. The aim is to build the area up so that when we repair and replace the missing veneer it sits perfectly flat with the existing veneered surface. Once the bog had dried we carefully sand the area to make as flat as possible. We are repairing the missing area with 1mm thick paper-backed veneer, so this is the depth we need to leave from the surface in order to make the furniture repair seamless.

Damaged modern furniture bedhead in need of repair and reveneer


Stage 3 – Re-veneer

With this part of the repair process complete it was time to start cutting and shaping the chosen veneer. We selected a piece of Tasmanian oak for this job, for the grain structure and decided to stain and tint to match the existing colour once the veneer was in place and the repair was done. Using an old trick of applying masking tape over the damaged area and using a pencil to shade in the effected area, we then applied this masking tape to the new veneer and used this as a template to cut a section out, which would be used to patch up the damaged area. Once the filler piece of veneer was cut we tested this in the damaged section of the furniture, fits like a glove….

Replacement veneer in the damaged modern furniture

Stage 4 – Tint & Stain

Now time to tint the new section to match the exiting veneer, by slightly sanding into the good area around the veneer patch you have more chance to make the repair job disappear. A few coats of tint, and a top coat of shellac dulled down with wire wool and wax to match the sheen level of the existing finish and the repair was complete. Have a look and see what you think. I think it came up pretty good, and the client didn’t even pick it! Another interesting and exciting repair project, just one of many furniture repair and restoration jobs that comes through our workshop doors!

Repaired veneer bed head modern furniture

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