Gold panning antique sieves re-purposed as mirrors

The Brief – Gold panning sieves re-purposedĀ into mirrors

We were approached by our fantastic client Sandra, with a great challenge. Sandra had picked up two antique sieves used in the gold rush for panning for nuggets! Our client had the vision to re-purpose these beautiful objects into hallway mirrors for use in her renovated house. We immediately thought this was a fantastic idea and got very excited at this re-purposed vision presented to us.

Gold panning sieves re-purposed

Re-Purposed – Transformation of antique sieves into hallway mirrors

We set about this challenge with gusto. The idea was to re-purpose these beautiful object by having circular mirrors cut. One mirror would sit in-front of the mesh, the second mirror would sit behind the more decorative finer sieve mesh. The mirrors would be hung on the wall using leather straps, one tan and one dark green. The leather straps would be made from two pieces, one to travel around the circumference of the sieve and the second piece to form the loop to hang the mirror from. The two pieces would be joined using similar wire used on the sieve construction. The final detail would be an internal shelf running across the centre-line of the sieve which has the mirror behind its mesh. This was re-purposed furniture in the truest sense of the word!

re-purposed gold panning sieves turned into mirrors

The result – Re-purposed in style

I’m sure you will agree that these re-purposed gold panning sieves turned out amazing. Our clients vision is astounding, to find these in a junk shop and have the fore-sight to re-purpose them into mirrors is astounding. We loved working on this project, it was a fabulous challenge and we would really welcome more like it. So if you have an old treasure that doesn’t quite fit in your modern life in its’ current state. Or you pick something up from the junk shop and have a moment of clarity and vision. Come see the team at Tane furniture and we can make your re-purposed vision become reality.

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