The entrepreneurial revolution

Every so often in my life, for at least 2 weeks I find myself with the time and desire to read as much as I can cram into my head… now is that time! This period of time can go either way, if the first book I pick up does not engage me, its all over! However this time I selected a book that is changing my views on the way I view work/life, I would like to share this with you.
‘Entrepreneurial Revolution’ by Daniel Priestely has flipped my world on its head, given me new focus, drive and to be honest left me slightly frustrated that I’m not further down the road to running a successful* small business, it is a true force of nature and great source of inspiration.
The book is fast paced, motivational and an inspiration. It is highly recommended for anyone who is in business and has been for a while, anyone starting out on their own in small business, or someone thinking of starting out, or someone stuck in a 9-5 job they hate! Basically if you are living and breathing this one is for you.

The main premise of the book is that we are living in a modern digital world but with a very old and outdated model, produced at the time of the industrial revolution, which viewed everyone as part of a machine. This no longer applies in our modern connected world, we need to find ways to break free of this type of thinking and take back our reasons to live, purpose, freedom to think and act.

I made the first step on the journey two years ago when I quit my full time job to become self employed and start up an industrial Design studio, with a focus on producing designs and products with strong sustainable values. I thought I was well on track and even close to being ‘Mr mover and shaker’ , ‘entrepreneur extraordinaire!’ Turns out I’m nowhere near, I’m simply just doing what I was doing in my 9-5 except now just a little bit more on my own terms.

My first year in business I was on the right track just working on projects I felt were relevant and more importantly to me ethical, they stood for why I set out on my own in the first place… “To Make Things Better” by producing products that had sustainable thinking at its forefront.

However I took a couple of big knocks when my marketing plan did not quite… Well go to plan! So what did I do, some panic mixed with 15 years of working for other people told me to play it safe take any work I could to survive, including driving buses! Well no longer, I need to break free once more, take a chance on my own ability and believe in what I have to offer the world can make a difference.

If you believe in something, frustrated with something in the world and think you can help, or simply dislike the work you are currently doing and feel you are put on earth to do something else, please read this book it may just give you that boost to take the next step.
And if in six months you haven’t seen me release at least five products into the world that benefit us all in someway feel free to hunt me down and give me a good old fashioned ‘dressing down’!

*I use the word ‘successful’ here to mean… Solely doing what I love and being appropriately rewarded for it, in order to fulfil my goals of benefiting the world by producing products and designs that are sustainable.

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