Restored mid-century chairs

Restoration of a pair of Mid-century beauties.

Jeremy’ mid-century arm chairs had seem better days, but the inner beauty could clearly be seen. Beautiful steam bent arms, small foot print, low seat and remarkable comfort even though the seat webbing had disintegrated ! We spoke to Jeremy about the road ahead to bring these boys back to life, including striping the timber arms and legs, re-oiling and wood-wax finish. Removing all the existing coverings, keeping what stuffing and wadding original but replacing were necessary. Removing and replacing all the webbing, removing the springs, re-springing and springing. Then putting the whole thing back together.

Phew!!! But I’m getting ahead of myself, lets take a look at how these mid-century marvels came into our workshop….

mid-century steam bent arm chairs

Stage 1 – Stripping, fabric, foam and timber finish

We completely striped these beautiful mid-century arm chairs, covers un-picked, foam removed, webbing and springs removed. This enabled us to get to work on the timber arms and legs. Guess what… yep you guessed it this involved more striping of the existing surface finish. We removed this with solvent based stripper and all done by hand to retain the history and value in this pair of arm-chairs. Once the dark stain had been removed we un-covered beautiful oak timber with luscious grain and colour tones…

MId-century arm chairs strippedStage 2 – Repair

Once stripped we needed to make sure this pair of mid-century masterpieces are going to last another 50 years. We removed the corner blocks from the frame and took the timber components apart. After 50 years of service the glue had dried out in the joints and was in need of a serious freshen and tighten. We cleaned the joints, re-glued and clamped the frames.

mid-century chair parts removed and cleaned prior to glueing Mid-century chair repaired and clamped

Stage 3 – Re-Webbing and Re-upholstery

With all this repair and restoration work done to these mid-century chairs it was now time to start bringing them back to life with new webbing, re-sprung, foam and new upholstery. Our client had chosen a beautiful textured fabric, very fitting of this style of chair. First step was to use jute webbing for the base support, then clip the springs to this webbing. With elasticated webbing over the top and a covering of foam, we were now ready to start upholstering….

Re-sprung , new foam and upholstery on these mid-century chairs

Stage 4 – The Restored Pieces

These types of pieces, do take a lot of time, love and attention but once they are complete you can stand back with a real sense of satisfaction that you have brought some beautiful pieces of furniture back to life. We love working with clients who have the vision to see how their aged furniture could look with a little TLC. We would like to thank Jeremy for allowing us to work on his beautiful mid-century pair of arm chairs.

Restored mid-century chairs

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  1. Jeremy

    A brilliant job Gary, they are now a true pleasure to use and look at! Thanks for resurrecting these old beauties for me!




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