Fler mid century sideboard restored

Our client Keren, has an eye for mid-century furniture. She arrived at our workshop in Williamstown with two beautiful sideboard units she had rescued from a friends barn, along with a pair of Fler armchairs snaffled from a salvo’s for next to nothing… brilliant! We firstly set to work on the amazing Fler unit, which would have been originally purchased through Myer around 1963/64, as a friend of mine was later to confirm as he thought the unit may have been his! What a small world we live in.

mid century fler unit before restoration

Firstly lets start with the water damage, as I mentioned this unit was found in a old leaky barn. This beautiful Fler mid-century sideboard had picked up quite a bit of moisture in its time. The bottom of the unit had swollen and cracked, veneer was missing from various areas on the unit, chunks had been taken out of the corners and the top had signs of water damage and was seriously faded. Apart from that the unit was in perfect condition!

We set about firstly re-gluing the cracked water damage area back together and bogging up the damaged and missing parts. Once the hard wearing bog had dried we sanded it to shape, leaving it 1mm below the surface, this would allow us to patch in a replacement veneer section into this damaged corner area.

Keren Brooks BeforeSwollen corner bog and veneer

With the damaged area all glued, bogged and sanded it was now time to trim the veneer and add new sections. This is a tricky little job as it requires the use of contact adhesive, and there is no room for error.

midcentury corner trim and veneermid century fler sideboard damaged corner section reveneer

All nice and tidy! It was now time to match the colour of the timbers and address the damage on the top face. Using stripper to remove the existing surface finish to the top face of the sideboard, allows the stain to penetrate into the veneer to add some life back into the piece. We also started to build up the stain on the new veneered sections. This can take some time to get right and you are best leaving enough time between each application of stain to see the true colour come out in the veneer.

mid century fler sideboard reveneer and stain

But with a bit of time an patience the new sections start to resemble the old and the top water damage started to disappear. This beautiful mid-century Fler unit was starting to look its old self again.

Fler mid century sideboard restored

Finally a traditional wax finish, with brown tint, and a good old polish and what can I say… good as new! Another piece of beautiful furniture ‘saved from extinction’ through the foresight and eye for a classic of our amazing client Keren.

mid century fler unit polished and waxed
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