vintage nesting tables after restoration

We recently received three beautiful antique coffee tables into the restoration workshop in Melbourne. Our client Ian had started work on restoring them but turned to us to finish the job. We recommended a traditional finish for his antique furniture, of danish oil with wax top coat. Little did we know at the time just how dry and thirsty these little guys where, we faced a long journey! Anyway I’m jumping ahead of myself, let me show you the tables first….
antique coffee table restoration melbourne

So we set to work on the half-cooked antique tables, we firstly fully stripped them by hand (no sanding here sir!). Removing all the remnants of the previous finish, which we identified as shellac. This hands on approach is more time-consuming but definitely advised, in order to maintain all the history and value in your antique furniture. We then started the process of restoring the life into these ageing tables, using a natural linseed oil mix, between two to three coats should start to bring back the character….

antique table restoration Melbourne


Ok, so now we are getting somewhere the colour is coming back into the grain of these fantastic antique coffee tables, but let’s not get too excited just yet there is still a journey ahead of us. Now we start the lottery of Danish oil, sometimes its three coats sometimes seven! In the case of the restoration of these antique coffee tables combined with a slow drying Melbourne winter it was seven long drying coats of oil. All applied by hand with a cloth. The final coat was given a blast in the sun to bake, then hit with traditional wax applied with wire wool….

Restoration of Antique Tables in Melbourne

Well it was a long journey but I think you will agree well worth the time and effort to restore this antique furniture back to its former glory.

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