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I just had a fantastic conversation with my dad, which has prompted me to write this post……… Yesterday I was in a well known office stationary supplier looking for a pack of paper. Faced with a huge wall full of options I started to look closer. The paper started nearest the counter with the cheapest option which was 100% virgin paper = bad! Next 100% FSC = better but in this day and age I don’t think we should be cutting down trees to make paper, surely there is enough to recycle to make the product. Next 50% recycled = getting warmer! Finally at the end of the row the furthest away from the cash desk and the most expensive (by $2.50) the pack of 100% post consumer A4 paper.


Now I’m sure the company who make the range of paper would prefer to be producing the 100% recycled eco stuff, but  the fact of the matter is money talks! And who’s money talks – our money, it’s our decision and although it may hurt our pockets a little bit at the moment the only way we are going to tip this balance is to vote with our wallets. I understand the company still needs to make money to survive and they are only catering for our needs and as long as our needs are cheap and fast that is what they will provide.

This extra expense to buy ‘green’ is extremely hard sometimes and I’m not suggesting I’m some eco angel who does everything the right way, buys organic all the time, helps old ladies cross the street.. well you get the message! What I’m saying is I’m beginning to open my eyes to the fact that the buck stops fairly and squarely with us, our decisions will shape the direction our world will take. Not some politician who makes decisions based on what they think will get them the most votes in the next election.



If everyone went out tomorrow and bought 1 item of their daily shop with a touch more thought

than usual, the stockist would take note, therefore the supplier/producer would take not, therefore economists would take not and so on and so on. It’s up to us people, so let’s get into it and make the best vote you will ever make…. with your wallet.

Gary Pennington

Tane Design

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