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Now I had heard people talk about the power of social media, how businesses will go to untold lengths to avoid bad reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook, Trip Advisor, Twitter, blog or any of the other bazillion ways modern society can vent their frustration or indeed show their delight at a service or product.

I had never actually experienced this until I wrote a blog post earlier this year. The piece was taken directly from feedback I gave in August 2013 about a trade show I had been a part of. The piece commended the organiser (who was and still is a fantastic ambassador for all things good about design), and also the fantastic little design show he organised. The piece also ¬†highlighted my concerns/dissatisfaction about the great little show being combined with a larger less ‘forward thinking’ affair!

So that is the plot, here comes the part that amazes me. As I mentioned I had been asked for feedback in August two weeks after the event and provided my honest account. I heard nothing about it until two days after I posted my blog in March 2014! My little old blog had been found by the powers within the event organisation company and ruffled one or two feathers. It was Not the feedback form, mail chimp survey but my blog that made its impression and found its way into the consciousness of the people it was intended to find.

I have since taken down the post, as I was asked to by the organiser who I fully respect for trying his absolute best to promote design in Australia. And I’m not sure if anything will change because of my little rant, but it gives me renewed enthusiasm to keep my blog up to date with relevant, thoughtful and most of all honest blog posts.

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