Global Warming

This short video, narrated by comedian and musician Reggie Watts, underscores the high cost we are all already paying for carbon pollution.


From Superstorm Sandy to soaring temperatures in Australia, ongoing drought that has parched more than 60% of the U.S., and flooding from hurricanes around the world, we are experiencing the consequences of our carbon pollution now. We are paying the cost of these dirty weather disasters and other climate impacts through taxes, medical bills, and insurance rates (to name just a few). It’s past time to talk about the real cost of carbon pollution and to take action so that the polluters are paying their fair share.

Maggie L. Fox
President & CEO
The Climate Reality Project

2 Responses to “The Price of Carbon”

  1. roberta4949

    actually co2 is not a pollutant any more than oxygen is and if you believe this I have to quesiton your sanity. and there is this assumption (co2 affects notwithstanding)that a warmer earth is a worse earth, I dissagree a warmer earth is more life friendly. and regardless man can do nothing, even if all co2 production from industry cars etc would stop right now it would have no affect on the changes in climate. humans would be worse off however if we did that. all the money spent on preventing global warming could of been better spent on innovating and making oil and gas and other industry cleaner (they could of used the money to research on how to turn chemical wastes into beneficial material or to reverse their chemical compositon to a harmless substance.) but instead they are wasting billions on windmills and panels that will never replace oil and gas and that cost more to make and maintain and produce way more emissions and pollution then gas and oil ever did. and we can’t rule out deliberate destruction by corporations who are paid to do so to give crediblity to sustainable development schemes. and dont forget how much damage is caused by making way for windmills (forest destructions among them) and how many windmills are in disrepair around this country. and the billions of birds killed by them too including endangerd species like the bald eagle.

  2. tanedesign

    Thanks for your comments Roberta very interesting, as the little film clip stated… ‘Let’s start the carbon conversation’ you have definitely done that.

    I must however say I strongly disagree with your comment about the car industry, I don’t think the guys who made the film are suggesting all industry should stop, but that we as consumers need to increase pressure on industry to change the way companies operate, to be cleaner and less harmful to the environment. Now if you are sceptical and believe this industry (or any other industry) has nothing to do with climate change, that’s fine but surly you must see that a cleaner change to this and other industries would be beneficial to us all, our environment and to future generations.


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