Gary Pennington furniture designer, restorer, maker based in Melbourne

Gary Pennington – Owner/Restorer/Designer/Maker

A hands-on multi-award winning designer/maker & restorer, Gary Pennington has a passion for furniture. His journey from designer to professional restorer started almost twenty years ago and has been varied to say the least. From design manager at a leading UK furniture manufacturer to Industrial designer at the Adelaide zoo!

In 2012 Pennington founded Tane Furniture with the mission to produce high quality, unique and sustainable furniture. His designs have been exhibited in Milan, London and Melbourne and won awards globally. Tane Furniture has evolved since its inception, with the mission now being ‘to save furniture from extinction’, with the main focus being the restoration of furniture. Although still a practicing designer with a great passion for creativity, Gary Pennington has turned his attention to the restoration and repair of furniture.

Over the past five years the business has developed along with my own views about the furniture industry and the world in which we live in. Tane Furniture was formed to be a sustainable business, to do some good and play my part. The restoration and repair of furniture gives me great satisfaction, working on pieces from various era’s and giving them a new lease of life. I love that my clients would prefer to invest in the restoration of a high quality, sometimes unique pieces of furniture rather than throwing them out and replacing it with some cheap crap that will last a fraction of the time.


Holly Whinnerah – Marketing Director

Holly Whinnerah has forged a marketing career with some of the biggest names in the corporate sphere, including; Red Bull, Hallmark and Reebok. Holly brings drive, vision and vast experience to the role, ensuring the focus of the Tane brand to environmental concerns remains consistent in all aspects of the business.

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