Antique Dining Table Restoration

Antique Dining Table – Stage 1 We received this beautiful antique dining table into our Melbourne workshop. Our client Sue had had the table in storage for over twenty years. Sue’s grandmother knew how fond Sue was of this beautiful piece of furniture, so the antique table was passed down. After a long period in storage… Read on »

Gold Panning Sieves – Re-Purposed

The Brief – Gold panning sieves re-purposed into mirrors We were approached by our fantastic client Sandra, with a great challenge. Sandra had picked up two antique sieves used in the gold rush for panning for nuggets! Our client had the vision to re-purpose these beautiful objects into hallway mirrors for use in her renovated house…. Read on »

Furniture Repair – Bed head Re-veneered

Bed Head Repair We were recently contacted by a client who had some modern furniture damaged whilst moving home. At this point we would like to thank (some of) the furniture removal companies in Melbourne for keeping us in business! Anyway I digress… Hana’s bed head, had been badly gauged and the top layer veneer had… Read on »

Restoration of Antique Coffee Tables

We recently received three beautiful antique coffee tables into the restoration workshop in Melbourne. Our client Ian had started work on restoring them but turned to us to finish the job. We recommended a traditional finish for his antique furniture, of danish oil with wax top coat. Little did we know at the time just… Read on »

The Small Business Conundrum

Running a small business can be confusing at best! It can also be nerve wracking, exciting, stimulating, exasperating, exhausting and any adjectives in between. In this post I wanted to touch on the time/money problem but from a whole new angle to me. I am experiencing this for the first time this week… I’m suddenly… Read on »

Restoration of the Past to Sustain the Future

I am trained as a product/furniture designer although I now consider myself a designer/maker/restorer. My design career still exists but it now walks hand in hand with my other purpose on this planet… Restoration. Graduation as a designer now seems like a distant memory. I graduated in 1999 as an excitable twenty something ready to… Read on »

Furniture Designer; Gary Pennington

Ok, so I’m going to do it again and ‘re-blog’! This time though I think I have a legitimate case as the story is about me! This is an article that is hot off the press, written by Jenny Tranter from ‘State of Green’. Many thanks to Jenny for making me sound so impressive 🙂… Read on »


As a rule I don’t usually take other people’s content and post on my blog, but this one is such a great article, I have made an exception! This somewhat frightening article is from the guys at Handkrafted, who are champions of local hand-made, well designed and produced furniture. It is sometimes hard to put our… Read on »

Saving Chairs From Extinction

It’s video time again! Sit back and relax you are about to learn all about some of the restoration techniques we use at Tane Furniture and employ them on your own furniture to save them from extinction! This little video was put together by our friends at the Geoff Irvine studio, it can be found… Read on »

Younghusbands Building

Well apparently we are now one of the ‘hidden treasures’ of Melbourne’s design scene! We would much prefer to be ‘overground’ and that is where this little film clip produced by the City of Melbourne is trying get us. Thank you so much to everyone involved in producing this great little promo. The team set about… Read on »

Power of the Plan

Call me slow to catch on but I have just worked out why my trip last year to exhibit at the Milan furniture fair wasn’t deemed a ‘success’! (Success… if thought of in economic terms anyway. It turned out to be a massive success in terms of persistence, team work and shear determination, but you… Read on »

The Power of Social Media

Now I had heard people talk about the power of social media, how businesses will go to untold lengths to avoid bad reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook, Trip Advisor, Twitter, blog or any of the other bazillion ways modern society can vent their frustration or indeed show their delight at a service… Read on »

Creative Happiness?

I heard something on the weekend that made me stop and think about everything I do not only personally but professionally. The question seems simple..”What is your definition of happiness?” The answer much more complicated. I set about trying to answer the question for myself and struggled to find the right words. I did not… Read on »