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Custom Designed Solid Timber Unit

Through working with our client Sandra on a restoration project, she approached us again to help solve a problem. Sandra required a modern looking custom designed hallway unit, suitable for a narrow space but had very clear ideas as to the material choices and feel of the piece. Our design team sat down with Sandra… Read on »

Modified Media Unit

This one was like one of those lady in the box magic tricks!!! Our client Ralph gave us the challenge to modify his existing hardwood media unit which had been designed for an older model tv and was huuuuuuugggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeee! Into a much smaller piece of furniture suitable to put a modern TV on-top of, rather… Read on »

Bespoke Solid Walnut Hand-Made Bar Table

2017 has seen a new branch of the Tane ‘tree’ flourish. Bespoke solid timber furniture designed and made in our Melbourne workshop has really started to pick up momentum and we love it. Thanks to our skilled team of designers and crafts-people we are able to offer a service of design through to production. Its taken… Read on »

Five Years in Business

I am coming up to quite a milestone in my business career. Five years ago I established Tane as a design brand, specialising in the sustainable design of furniture. In this time the name has changed about ten times, the focus of the business about twenty times and the plan somewhere around thirty times. I… Read on »

Mid Century Arm Chairs Repaired & Restored

Jason’s arm chairs were in need of some TLC, they were clinging on but luckily they were a much loved part of the family and could not be parted with. Jason came to us to help bring these guys back from the brink and returned to former glory. We love projects like this as we… Read on »

Re-Purposed Antique Table

Our clients Dean & Christine had inherited a lot of green furniture! With great sentimental value and family historical value, designed and built by a great grandfather over 100 years ago. They came to use to seek advice on the restoration and preservation of the pieces. I thought I would share this particular piece with… Read on »

Mid Century Dining Table – Repair & Restoration

This beautiful Mid-Century modern veneered dining table had been imported to Australia from the UK. The extending mechanism was in good working order but there were a few problems our client wanted us to sort out for him…1) The finish, as you can see the extension sections in the middle had held their colour due… Read on »

Fler Narvik Chairs Restored & Repaired

This beautiful pair of mid-century Fler Narvik arm chairs arrived in the Tane Furniture workshop in need of some TLC. The frames had become wobbly over time and several attempts had been made to restored the timber frames using various stains and finishes.We set about putting the wrongs right, and bringing these beautifully designed mid-century… Read on »

Antique Dining Table Restoration

Antique Dining Table – Stage 1 We received this beautiful antique dining table into our Melbourne workshop. Our client Sue had had the table in storage for over twenty years. Sue’s grandmother knew how fond Sue was of this beautiful piece of furniture, so the antique table was passed down. After a long period in storage… Read on »

Gold Panning Sieves – Re-Purposed

The Brief – Gold panning sieves re-purposed into mirrors We were approached by our fantastic client Sandra, with a great challenge. Sandra had picked up two antique sieves used in the gold rush for panning for nuggets! Our client had the vision to re-purpose these beautiful objects into hallway mirrors for use in her renovated house…. Read on »

The Small Business Conundrum

Running a small business can be confusing at best! It can also be nerve wracking, exciting, stimulating, exasperating, exhausting and any adjectives in between. In this post I wanted to touch on the time/money problem but from a whole new angle to me. I am experiencing this for the first time this week… I’m suddenly… Read on »

Restoration of the Past to Sustain the Future

I am trained as a product/furniture designer although I now consider myself a designer/maker/restorer. My design career still exists but it now walks hand in hand with my other purpose on this planet… Restoration. Graduation as a designer now seems like a distant memory. I graduated in 1999 as an excitable twenty something ready to… Read on »

Furniture Designer; Gary Pennington

Ok, so I’m going to do it again and ‘re-blog’! This time though I think I have a legitimate case as the story is about me! This is an article that is hot off the press, written by Jenny Tranter from ‘State of Green’. Many thanks to Jenny for making me sound so impressive 🙂… Read on »

Younghusbands Building

Well apparently we are now one of the ‘hidden treasures’ of Melbourne’s design scene! We would much prefer to be ‘overground’ and that is where this little film clip produced by the City of Melbourne is trying get us. Thank you so much to everyone involved in producing this great little promo. The team set about… Read on »