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Five Years in Business

I am coming up to quite a milestone in my business career. Five years ago I established Tane as a design brand, specialising in the sustainable design of furniture. In this time the name has changed about ten times, the focus of the business about twenty times and the plan somewhere around thirty times. I… Read on »

Mid Century Arm Chairs Repaired & Restored

Jason’s arm chairs were in need of some TLC, they were clinging on but luckily they were a much loved part of the family and could not be parted with. Jason came to us to help bring these guys back from the brink and returned to former glory. We love projects like this as we… Read on »

Mid-Century Fler Sideboard Restoration

Our client Keren, has an eye for mid-century furniture. She arrived at our workshop in Williamstown with two beautiful sideboard units she had rescued from a friends barn, along with a pair of Fler armchairs snaffled from a salvo’s for next to nothing… brilliant! We firstly set to work on the amazing Fler unit, which… Read on »

Restoration of the Past to Sustain the Future

I am trained as a product/furniture designer although I now consider myself a designer/maker/restorer. My design career still exists but it now walks hand in hand with my other purpose on this planet… Restoration. Graduation as a designer now seems like a distant memory. I graduated in 1999 as an excitable twenty something ready to… Read on »

Saving Chairs From Extinction

It’s video time again! Sit back and relax you are about to learn all about some of the restoration techniques we use at Tane Furniture and employ them on your own furniture to save them from extinction! This little video was put together by our friends at the Geoff Irvine studio, it can be found… Read on »

Power of the Plan

Call me slow to catch on but I have just worked out why my trip last year to exhibit at the Milan furniture fair wasn’t deemed a ‘success’! (Success… if thought of in economic terms anyway. It turned out to be a massive success in terms of persistence, team work and shear determination, but you… Read on »

Time for Reflection

Well it’s been quite a while since I put pen to paper/finger to keyboard! But all I can say is that it has been an epic eight months since my last post, so you will have to excuse me but I thought this might be a good time for reflection on the year gone by…… Read on »