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The Small Business Conundrum

Running a small business can be confusing at best! It can also be nerve wracking, exciting, stimulating, exasperating, exhausting and any adjectives in between. In this post I wanted to touch on the time/money problem but from a whole new angle to me. I am experiencing this for the first time this week… I’m suddenly… Read on »

Power of the Plan

Call me slow to catch on but I have just worked out why my trip last year to exhibit at the Milan furniture fair wasn’t deemed a ‘success’! (Success… if thought of in economic terms anyway. It turned out to be a massive success in terms of persistence, team work and shear determination, but you… Read on »

Leaf Blowers – A metaphor for human mentality?

Well I hope not! Can I start by saying I absolutely hate leaf blowers. As a professional Industrial Designer, I feel they are one of the worst products that my profession has inflicted on the world. They are noisy, a complete waste of energy/fuel and serve little purpose except to move a ‘problem’ from one place… Read on »